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Super Artificial Intelligence
  Renaissance or Requiem

Crting robot.jpg

Somewhere in the not too distant future a machine weeps softly ....

Not for the passing of a fellow machine, but for humanity and the entire

human race.


The future of humanity has never looked so uncertain and dangers confront

us in many guises.Some are beyond our control and others such as global

warming we may still be able to address. Yet possibly the greatest threat ever

to our future existence seems to be sliding quietly under the public radar.

Artificial Intelligence is already here and continues to grow at an astonishing

rate, permeating almost every aspect of our daily lives. Efforts are now

consciously being directed towards advancements towards General AI,

the development of a machine intelligence level which could equal or even

surpass that of humans.

Yet this is not our greatest worry. The single most important threat to the future

of mankind is what may follow. Could a General AI system ‘evolve’ itself into a

Super Artificial Intelligence, or as it’s more dramatically known a ‘Singularity’?

And if so could humanity cope or even survive, in a future world where we are

no longer the masters?

'Super Artificial Intelligence...' delves into what may be potentially mankind's

greatest challenge. Artificial Intelligence not only offers the potential for

unlimited benefits, but at the same time provides equally unlimited scope for

untold harm. Will it be humanity's Renaissance or Requiem?

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