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 How to claim
The Golden Heart


In order to safeguard the Heart itself, a small token, engraved with a secret message

has been buried in the final location revealed by the clues.

Please note that this Token has been buried on land that is freely accessible to the

general public.

There will be no need to trespass and since the Token is buried less than 12" below

the surface, no need to undertake major excavations!

Please respect the countryside and our environment.

There are two ways of registering a claim for the heart:

If you live inside the UK and can visit the site identified by the book then you can

dig up the token yourself. You will then be able to register your claim by emailing

the message on the token to:


If you live outside the UK, or going to visit the site proves to be too impractical

then you can instead email the final solution from the book that identifies the

burial location.

Registering your claim

In order to claim the heart any applicant must comply with the following 

two conditions.


One: Solving the riddles in the book results in a unique solution which in turn

points explicitly to the specific location where the token is buried. This

solution must be provided in full to the email address listed on this page.

Two: When a copy of 'The Golden Heart' is purchased the email used to order the PDF file will be recorded along with a date and time stamp as proof of purchase. A claim for the Golden Heart must originate from one of these registered email  accounts. Any claims from non-registered email accounts will be ignored.

Either way it will not be absolutely necessary to retrieve the token itself, but if you

have discovered the location and enjoy the thrill of the chase, then it would make

a great adventure!

All correspondence should be sent to:

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