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The Golden Heart 


The Golden Heart is a book-based treasure hunt that conceals the whereabouts

of a hidden buried treasure.

Currently this book can be purchased only as a downloadable PDF file.


Buried somewhere in the United kingdom a small ceramic casket lies safely hidden 

in the cold, dark earth.

Inside this casket is concealed a heart-shaped token bearing a secret message that

will allow its finder to claim the treasure of 'The Golden Heart' treasure hunt.

Once you have purchased the book you will have everything you need.

The book consists of  52 pages and over  40 illustrations, which if interpreted correctly lead to hidden, buried treasure.

The story, rhymes and pictures contain all the information required to solve the

riddles and discover the secret location of the hidden token.


That said, you will almost certainly require:

Pen, Paper, Perseverance and Patience!

The first person to solve the mysteries and riddles concealed within the books

pages will be able to claim  the prize - a hand-crafted, gold-plated jewel that

measures 14cms tall by 14cms wide.

This jewel is decorated with the twelve signs of the Zodiac and each side is

embellished with 12 semi-precious stones that are traditionally associated

with these birth signs.

In the centre of the jewel lies a smaller heart decorated with a cluster

of 7 Citrines, all of which are encompassed by a heart-shaped band

of 12 diamonds, one for each of the Zodiac signs.

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